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Jim Green jeg1976 at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 19 10:10:07 EST 2004

--- Alan Pritchard <apritchard at seaeye.com> wrote:
> Ok....
> I am still working on my megasquirt project for my
> 90q.  
> Just wondering if you other efi guys have come up
> with a nice safe
> stoichiometric value for the na 5 cyl engines (9.6
> cr on my frankenmotor).
> Ie 14.7 being stoich, while a value of 13 could be
> best for power, but
> between the 2 is a nice safe value that the 5 cyl
> engines will like.
> Any btdt?

Anything between the two will be safe, and you
probably will not notice any difference unless you're
on a dyno.  You might as well shoot for the best
economy.  I tuned mine for 12:1 on the dyno at full
boost, and even brought a few area's above 20 psi down
to 11:1 because of the EGT's I was getting.  Even
after that I didn't have any drop in power.  

For your car I'd shoot for stoich everywhere except
the WOT, low vacuum areas ~1bar and high rpms, then
give it a little extra gas.  On my autometer a/f gauge
when my car was stock, WOT was the first two green
LED's.  I'd hook one of these up and see what you car
does now, then try and duplicate it with the efi.


Jim Green
'89 90tq
'89 80q

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