Sanding thrust bearing; the obvious (and overlooked?)

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Thu Feb 19 13:27:56 EST 2004

    I understand your just repeating someone else's words, but I'm afraid I
would class that as bad advice.

    The reason being that depending on the design of engine thrust may be
present in different directions at different times. For example the jaguar
xk engine has a worm drive from crank to oil pump which thrusts the crank
aft. Meanwhile operating the clutch thrusts it in the other direction. Thus
there is no 'unloaded' side. Now I don't say that this is necessarily the
case for the I5, maybe one side is more or less unloaded, but i'ts just not
right to ever sand a precision bearing surface. Work on the back face

    My original suggestion back on the 5th Feb was
   " As regards the thrust washers though, I'm under the impression that
may be made slightly thicker than stock (without being an actual oversize)
to accomodate original production tolerances or the result of
less-than-perfect machine shop work that has increased the width of the
crank journal. Surely they can be ground/sanded on their *back* faces to
fit.  Perhaps you could look into that option."

and I still think this is the way to go. I'd add that often (at least for
jag xk's) there is an option for std or 4 thou oversize thrust washers, and
it pays to check what you've been given by the shop.


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>    Disclaimer:  Not my car that was being discussed last (?) week...
> I'm taking a training class this week and one of the other participants is
> the Engineering Manager for Clevite.  We got to talking bearings (go
> and I ran the zero thrust clearance issue by him.  He said you can sand
> bearing, as long as you sand the one that's unloaded.  Duh!  I didn't
> hearing anyone make an observation on this important fact.
>   $0.01,
> Robert
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