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yes. The ex owner is a guy i know and is second owner of the car. My other friend is manager at german garage and it was him that did all stuff about maintening the car. He did oil change, grease stuff, add oil, change ball joints etc ....

AND the tranny was going very well today, at least 2 weeks ago went they drive it to body chop for estimation (was close to the garage). The junk yard assume to it still runs good. The guys did high km cause he did 240km/day at least, to go to work in another town. He use his wife car in town, but travel with his ex V8 on high way.

That s the story. I m not sure but i think he change the tranny at 150 000km.

I have seen the car many time here (it s small town and i know the guy) and every scratch on the paint he got, he went to body shop to make it new again,,, same for mecanic.

I dont know how it ll cost if ever i ship it in Alberta. I do think i ll go to Vancouver this sommer and ship the tranny at the same time ;-). Anyway it most be cheaper than but a rebuilt unit.

I Quebec city the is not much Audi, much more in Ontario. So lot s of guys here are looking for A4, 100 auto tranny. I dont have for them :-(.

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  On a side note, do you know anything about the history of the transmission?


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  Thanks for that.

  One of my V8's has a grey interior, the other black. Let me know what is available when you know.

  My tranny finally went in one of my V8's  this  week, at least $3,000 to rebuild.  I'm in the hate stage of my love/hate relationship with them.

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    I keep your Email until i ll get it. Not sure yet. Depend of the price.

    Yes i ll part out. If you can wait until then , i ll sell you them. I dont know how much yet. Some others need parts too, not taill ligth yet. Your the first in queue ;-)

    oups the car is in junk yard still. And it s possible they remove parts from it until i get it, you know how they works, they make garanties and dont respect them. But i dont thing they will.

    I ll call you
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      Hi Nickel 5000TQ,
      Saw your post on Audiworld about the V8.
      I'm assuming your in Canada?
      I'm In Alberta and am looking for some V8 tail lights.
      Are you still parting the V8 out? If so, how much for the V8 tail lights?

      Phil (V8 Phil)

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