[V8] Wheel spacer size?

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Sorry, I must've missed the original post.  It all depends on the offset and
whether or not you have UFOs.

Also, your link didn't help me at all -- it just points to the general wheel
and tire page.


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> It's been cruddy out and I've had the flu so I haven't had time to go
> this out on my own... I asked once before, but maybe someone else who
> the last post has the answer... I have a 1990 V8Q with the G60 brake
> conversion.  Currently it has the stock 15" rims, but sitting in the
garage are a set of
> 16" factory 5-spokes like you see here
> http://www.audiworld.com/tech/wheel.html with tires and a screaming desire
to be on the V8 (thank you eBay).  But
> they're going to need spacers.  How big a spacer and the best source are
> question of the day.  Any help?
> Thanks,
> John
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