torque bias

David Eaton dave.eaton at
Fri Feb 20 18:21:50 EST 2004

the haldex is a multiplate lockup clutch - once slip is
detected it locks up and provides progressive torque
transfer to the rear wheels of the a3/tt quattros.

this is also where bmw has gone with their new awd system
for the x-series and the new touring wagons.  it is rwd
until slip the progressively fwd up to 100%.  it also uses a
multiplate lockup clutch - but not a haldex coupling.

'01 s8

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Thinking about it now, I think Dave and Dan and others must
be right. An
open diferential can't proportion torque other than 50-50.
As for Haldex, Reviewing earlier threads and other sources
shows they
operate essetialy as FWD until slip occurs.
Now if only I had that old literature then I could see what
those damn
marketers were up to...

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