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I would agree with you if he were talking about drawing liquid gasoline 
from a pool of fuel but that is not what I read.  Yes, there may be a small 
amount of gasoline fumes present.  If some fumes were drawn into a vacuum 
along with a large quantity of added air it would be almost impossible to 
ignite this fuel mixture using a spark.  Combustion simply does not happen 
when the mixture of fuel and oxygen are outside the combustion limits for 
the components.  The combustion limits are the highest and lowest A/F ratio 
which will sustain combustion at a specific temperature-pressure 
combination.  You see a hint of this when trying to start an engine with a 
fuel mixture which is too lean (too much oxygen for the available fuel, the 
A/F ratio is too high).  If the fuel mixture is too lean then no amount of 
cranking will get that engine to fire.

In short, don't try to "suck up" liquid fuel with your vacuum 
cleaner.  Don't worry about getting a little fuel fumes into it, though.

At 07:46 AM 2/22/2004 -0600, Joshua Van Tol wrote:

>Be really careful about using a vacuum cleaner in the possible vicinity of 
>gasoline. It's pretty easy to wind up with a blown up vacuum cleaner.
>On Feb 21, 2004, at 11:57 PM, Ado Sigal wrote:
>>It is a perfect time to change the injector inserts, shrouds, insert 
>>seals and injector seals to, so start by unscrewing the inserts (allen 
>>key 12 or 13 mm) and taking out the shrouds, to gain access to the pieces 
>>fallen into manifold, which if don't come out with shrouds, one can 
>>access and possibly collect with piece of wire and some sticky substance 
>>on top, or better still, by sucking it out via small dia tube attached to 
>>your domestic dustsuccer. Don't use the hats with new injectors, and 
>>change to appropriate shrouds. The rest is just work and patience.
>>Good luck,
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