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At 07:45 AM 2/23/2004 -0500, kyle leatherwood wrote:

>Well,  my ABS problems got fixed over the weekend.  My problem was an ABS 
>warning light on all of the time.  Well, to begin I ohm'ed out all four 
>wheel sensors.  Ah ha! I found one sensor that the ohm reading on was so 
>erratic it was impossible to get a constant reading.  Well, in my tracing 
>down the system I realized that it is a WABCO ABS system on it, which is 
>the same system that Freightliner trucks (the dealership where I work) 
>use.  In a search through the ABS sensors for the A series WABCO ABS 
>system that we have on the shelf, I found one with the same plug.  A quick 
>ohm check proved my thought, it is the same ABS sensor.  $32.00 later I 
>had a new sensor.
>However, the sensor didn't fix the problem.  My las thought was to check 
>all of the ABS relays in the system.  Both relays onder the hood checked 
>fine, but then I ran across the one under the passenger floorboard 
>cover.  Voila!
>This relay has a 10 amp fuse in the top of it and the fuse is blown.  My 
>guess is that the bad wheel sensor blew the fuse.  A new fuse and ABS 
>sensor on and now the ABS system works like a dream again.  Thanks for 
>everyone's thoughts and help.
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