Driveshaft vibration

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Mon Feb 23 10:18:11 EST 2004

HI Mike/All,

I had the same symptoms on my 4kq after replacing the center bearing. It
turned out to be the u-joint. It was in perfect shape, but due to the
extreme angles it was subjected to during removal of the driveshaft
(guessing here) compared to its normal tiny angles, it got "stuck."
Cleaning it up well did the trick.

So, maybe in your case, there's a pinched needle bearing or something
causing the u-joint to stick.

There was no need to rebalance the driveshaft, either, since it was marked
upon disassembly.

Urq, 4kq, Z

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Well the 83 center driveshaft U joint crapped out the other day. I pulled it
out and replaced it (specs the same as older Mercedes) as well as the center
bearing (same as BMW). I was careful to mark the yoke and shaft for
Now I have a vibration up to 5 mph and back again at 50 mph on up. I pulled
it out again and dropped it off at a driveshaft balance place and they can't
balance due to lack of tools. Any BTDT? Anyone know of a place in SoCal (San
Diego/Los Angeles) to balance.

Thanks in advance
Mike Bond
2002 A4 1.8T
1989 80Q for sale
1987 4KQ
1983 UrQ WX
1981 UrQ WR

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