Driveshaft vibration

no1of consequence iin10ded at
Mon Feb 23 12:22:58 EST 2004


i do - i had the same problem with my 88 90q after i rebuilt it with the bmw 
CSB. i took it to a local shop to balance it, they weren't setup to balance 
propshafts with a csb [as they mostly do truck driveshafts] but he offered 
to send it to a driveshaft shop in LA that specializes in import autos. i've 
been very happy with the work they did.

i didnt get the name of the shop at the time, but call steve at bayshore 
truck 650 871 9193 tell him the story and ask if he can refer you to the 
guys in LA. i told him he might be getting more calls from guys with busted 
audi driveshafts. =)

good luck,

<< I was careful to mark the yoke and shaft for reassembly.
Now I have a vibration up to 5 mph and back again at 50 mph on up. I pulled
it out again and dropped it off at a driveshaft balance place and they can't
balance due to lack of tools. Any BTDT? Anyone know of a place in SoCal (San
Diego/Los Angeles) to balance.  >>

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