MC-1 MC-2 - Block any difference?

Ben Swann benswann at
Mon Feb 23 13:51:25 EST 2004

What about low-end torque?  I'd expect to be getting some gains here with
the MC-2.  Correct?

To add some more information - I plan to use the 3B Motronic fuel injection
which I can chip as desired.

I will also be using the T3/T4 turbo probably with factory 2-peice manifold
and plenty-big exhaust.

Intake will either be stock MC head or considering NG head and maifold -
either way enlarged valveing, port and polish in the works.

So I plan to do the MC-2 bottom end at this point, but looks like I can do
this using an MC-1 block and install the MC-2 pistons and crank.


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> I agree with Jim on the 15psi, I'd say up to 300 crank HP you're fine with
the MC2 and street gas, but above that range the MC2 gets very sensitive
aobut ignition timing, and the MC1 is a much better motor to tune.  Now
throw in some 100 octane in the picture and the MC2 is perfect.
> Javad
> >
Jim Green wrote:
> >Ben, they are the same in every way except for the
> >pistons, so you can mix and match whatever you want.
> >
> >The only problem I have with the MC-2 is the higher
> >compression. If you're really going to hod rod the
> >ur-q, then you probably want the MC. The MC-2 gets
> >really testy above 15 psi on pump gas. The MC is much
> >easier to tune, and you can run a pretty normal
> >advance on high boost. I saw timing levels in the low
> >single digits at high boost on the MC-2. Now with my
> >stacked headgaskets, I'm usually -10 or more BTDC.
> >Still not as good as a 20v will see, but much better
> >than -4 dbtdc.
> >
> >Header=MC
> >No header=MC-2

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