MC-1 MC-2 - Block any difference?

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I'm trying to be realistic.  As much as I'd like to see this car on the
track, I am really looking for streetable power.  So I am doing things more
from the perspective of how the car is going to do with everyday driving the
main priority.  I don't want to end up with something that runs sloppy or
evewn compromized on the bottom end and below 5K just so I can get good dyno
numbers once in the engines liftetime or that perhaps that like to see how
it does on a drag-strip, however tempting.

I guess if I ever feel the need, that is what the high octane is about.  I
would think if I want to go over 300HP, then I could install a water
injection system.

Question: Isn't the MC-2 compression similar to the 3B?

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> Sure, the MC2 really responds well in the low end, specially with turbo
spool up, though if you're shooting for 350+hp, the extra 10 ft lbs of
torque in the MC2 isn't really noticeable if you can make another 50hp in
the power band.  I dynoed (in my MC2'd 80tq) about 250 wheel HP on street
gas, and about 300 WHP with 1/2 100 octane, timing was maxxed out on the
street gas.
> Javad
> >What about low-end torque? I'd expect to be getting some gains here with
> >the MC-2. Correct?
> >
> >To add some more information - I plan to use the 3B Motronic fuel
> >which I can chip as desired.
> >
> >I will also be using the T3/T4 turbo probably with factory 2-peice
> >and plenty-big exhaust.
> >
> >Intake will either be stock MC head or considering NG head and maifold -
> >either way enlarged valveing, port and polish in the works.
> >
> >So I plan to do the MC-2 bottom end at this point, but looks like I can
> >this using an MC-1 block and install the MC-2 pistons and crank.
> >
> >Ben
> >

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