Removing oil pan - A4 1.8T Digest, Vol 4, Issue 103

tihol tiholov tihol.tiholov at
Mon Feb 23 17:09:38 EST 2004

>I'm about to remove the oil pan on a 1998 A4 1.8T to find out why I have no oil pressure. Looks like I'll have to drop the subframe to do this and since the engine is mounted on the subframe 

Are you sure?  I don't have an A4 but mounting engine on subframe is highly unlikely.

I'll obviously have to support the engine while I'm doing it. Anyone who has BTDT and can offer any words of
wisdom on what to look out for?

Cheap and primitive - a 2x4 set on the 2" side across the fenders (cardboard, rags under) with a tough rope wrapped around a hook or anything fastened to the engine will suffice.  BTDT on a MC.  If you want to get fancier - a metal bar could replce the 2x4 or a chain could replace the rope.  Come along would do to but it's harder to fit in.



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