MC-1 MC-2 - Block any difference?

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Ben, the 3B Motronic system, like any other factory management system, is 
developed for an _engine system_, in this case the 3B 20v I5 with given turbo, 
sensors/inputs, airflow input (including intercooler, manifold, piping, exh. 
manifold), etc.

The 3B Motronic works wonderfully in the stock application, obviously, but in 
the 10v you can definitely feel that the programming is slightly off.  Once 
you start changing turbos, intercoolers, this and that, and really start 
pushing the boost and power, the Motrinic system does not like it.  Throwing "chips" 
at it doesn't help the situation, and by the time you realize this, who knows 
how much money you'll have thrown at it.

About 5 years ago, during much of the development of the 034efi system, I 
worked on 2 projects to put the 3B Motronic system on the 10v, this was my 
experience, and further confirmed the need for the Stage II systems I have available 
now.  The harder you push the motor, the more trouble you'll have with it.

You may or may not see my opinion/experience in a "sincere light", but that's 
the best advice I can give you.  I'd like to hear anyone else's experience 
with installing the 3B Motronic system in a modified 10vt, for the varied 

Ben, my question to you is, what makes you think it _will_ work?


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Why do you say not Motronic in a 10V?

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> Ben, just to be real clear on this issue (cause its close to my heart),
*and I'm not saying you implied this*, but... I don't tune for big dyno #'s,
big dyno #'s are the result of a powerful, well tuned car.  Any advice you
get from me will be in the context of reliable, smooth, everyday power, and
as much of it as you like (ie: the intended application or result of the
> I commuted 60 miles a day in my 80tq for 3 years, 400hp and all, and got
near 30mpg, never left me stranted once.
> Again, not saying you accused me of tuning for "sloppy power", but making
a 400hp 10v run smooth everyday isn't too difficult with the right
management system (ie: not 3B Motronic, in a 10v anyway) and some attention
to detail.
> With that said, it doesn't sound like you're shooting for the moon wrt
power, so I'd recommend the MC2 for you, because it will perform better in
the range of power/use you're looking for.  A pinging motor is "sloppy" to
me, so if you wanted to run 20+psi boost, then the MC2 may become more and
more "sloppy", esp. w/o the right octange fuel or engine management system.
> And, IME, water injection will only take you so far, there is nothing like
the proper octane fuel for the application.
> 3B - 9.3:1
> MC2 - 8.4:1
> Javad

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