Audi's on Ebay

John Gourley azaudi at
Tue Feb 24 18:32:33 EST 2004

> John:
> I don't know the specifics about that dealer but he's ~25 miles from me so 
> I
> might be able to take a look / picture etc.


thanks for the info.  The original reason for my question to the list was 
more from curiousity rather than actually looking for an Audi to buy.  I 
thought some of you listers in the area might know something about the eBay 
seller, i.e., if he seems to be on the up and up or is selling cars that 
look good from a distance but are ready to fall apart underneath.  I've 
received several good replies about that dealer in particular and rust areas 
in general........all very much appreciated:)
The Northeast would be quite aways for me to go to buy an Audi but if it was 
special enough it would be a consideration......sure a lot more to pick from 
than here in "Audi bare" southern Arizona:)

John Gourley 

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