help! i think i broke it

Doyt W. Echelberger Doyt at
Wed Feb 25 06:33:15 EST 2004

Same thing happened to one of my cars about 5 years ago(1986 4000csq.) Very 

I messed with everything under the hood trying to get it to return to normal.

I finally got the bucking to mitigate but not totally go away by changing 
the spark plug gap to 45/1000.  The next week, I discovered that I could 
get the bucking to clear up by changing the spark advance about 2 degrees 
outside the book specifications.

I don't recall if it was clockwise or counterclockwise.

After the spark adjustment, I regapped the plugs to normal and the bucking 
stayed gone.


At 08:41 AM 2/25/2004 +0000, you wrote:
>Ok, I was out last night in my 90q (NG engine) messing around on a rainy
>evening, so I thought I'd try some launches. All was good, but on the 3rd
>attempt of I went then the car proceeded to buck terribly until it stalled.
>It took me a few minutes to get it restarted, but when it did it sounded ok
>and revved as per usual. But pulling away entering 1500-2000 it would
>proceed to buck real bad, same for second, although 3rd and up seemed less
>noticeable. To drive through these areas when pulling away I actually have
>to slip the clutch.
>Any thoughts on this? I have thought through as best I can and can only
>think of a mechanical problem relating to the engine.  What is the likely
>hood of a t belt skip in these conditions? And would it manifest itself in
>this form?
>Many thanks.
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