help! i think i broke it [ignition/rough running]

Andrew Duane andrew at
Wed Feb 25 10:18:56 EST 2004

> [Ok, I was out last night in my 90q (NG engine) messing around on a rainy
> evening, so I thought I'd try some launches. All was good, but on the 3rd
> attempt of I went then the car proceeded to buck terribly until it stalled.
> It took me a few minutes to get it restarted, but when it did it sounded ok
> and revved as per usual. But pulling away entering 1500-2000 it would
> proceed to buck real bad, same for second, although 3rd and up seemed less
> noticeable. To drive through these areas when pulling away I actually have
> to slip the clutch.
> Any thoughts on this?

On the NF/NG engines, like Ben said, ignition!

But it is almost always the wires. If you haven't replaced them
in a while, and/or they are not the Bosch OEM ones, dollars to
doughnuts they are the culprit. BTW, I tried other wires. DON'T!
Bosch OEM are the way to go. They solved my problems instantly.


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