Intercooler fitment, etc. on possible turbo conversion

Marc Swanson mswanson at
Wed Feb 25 13:30:19 EST 2004

> I take your $1k estimate is parts alone, sourcing moter and all,  no
> labor included.


>   I am trying to come up with a combined parts & labor estimate.  I
> know I need to factor in stuff like Battery relocation, Intercooler
> refitment, wiring harness conversion, (tie rod swap?), et. al.  I
> expect all of this would add up to more time than it would take to do
> a straighforward engine swap, which I consider to be trivial.

since you are clearly comfortable pulling motors and such you probably
wouldn't have too much trouble with the extra work involved with a turbo
swap.  A lot of it can be bolt in but you will need to do some
fabrication to make things work.  How handy you are at things like this
will influence the time it takes to complete the conversion greatly.

In terms of hours, I'd estimate for myself (adjust depending on how
speedy you are.. or if your name is Nate Stuart ;) ):
cut stock core support, fabricate new support (depends on intercooler
choice):  2 hours
remove old engine:  5 hours
r&r dashboard, seats (makes wiring and battery relocation easier):  3
relocate battery to trunk:  1 hour
prep turbo engine (timing belt, water pump, fit clutch, flywheel, etc): 
1 hour
install new engine (transmission bolts/engine mounts only):  2 hours
fabricate downpipe(unnecessary if you use the Urq piece):  2 hours
install CIS bits (obviously not required with EFI):  5 hours (should
include dealing with cutting the inner fender to fit the 5kt airbox top)
update wiring harness:  3 hours
fabricate intercooler plumbing:  3 hours
install oil cooler, radiator, and other engine bay stuff, body trim:  3

I'm sure I missed a few things in there but that's a very rough outline
of what I think it would take me to do the job on another type 85.  So
that looks to be about 30 hours.

Just my .02

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