How do you hook up the fresh air flap spring to the diaphram? 885KCST

Brett Goetz brett.goetz at
Wed Feb 25 14:01:37 EST 2004

Since I've owned my 88 Audi 5KCST, I have never had the fresh air flap 
work correctly.  Now that I have a new spring, I would like to install 
it, but I don't know how it hooks up to the diaphragm.  I looked at the 
factory manual, the Haynes manual and stared at it for a while.  I still 
cannot figure it out.  One end goes to the door, but the other end; does 
that connect to the diaphragm?  If it does, is there a hook at the end 
of the diaphragm that I'm missing? What about the metal piece with the 
slot cut in it? Does the spring go through it?

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