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Sean Ford audi_99_a6q at
Fri Feb 27 11:53:55 EST 2004

Well, I'm sorry you had such trouble over on AW. I generally frequent the A6
forum on AW as there seems to be more information on the C5 A6 than there is on
this list. I will say that I've never had an issue with bad information or wise
cracks on AW, but I think the A6 forum has one of the better audiences on the
'net. Maturity counts for a lot.

This list is a great technical list. I've been on the quattro list since
February of 1997 and I've never been let down by the responses here, so I agree
with you on your assessment of the list.

By and large, I wouldn't write off AW as useless. Personal opinion.

--- Denis Julien <sparkplugvw at> wrote:
> No matters forum was.
> I did about 10  post and i got answers from 2 , in these 2 got noise too,
> the others was only noise.
> Some of Audi forum.
> Not here.
> I got noise and stupid  for a reply and got a good answer from Ned Ritchie
> for that same post , so if it was stupid question why a pro would like to
> answer to me !!!!

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