new 200 avant

no1of consequence iin10ded at
Fri Feb 27 13:42:10 EST 2004

1) the after-run coolant pump has been "deleted" -

you want to use that. mine cycled even after nomal driving in moderate 
weather and the cooling system was in good shape. it's nothing but good 
insurance for the turbo / oil / etc. besides, they wouldn't have put it 
there for no reason. try for great prices and the 
best customer service around. also has a great 
selection. i replaced mine at 1 point and it was about 200$ you'll likely 
need a couple of new coolant hoses with the correct connections to the pump.

2) the hydraulic pump is leaking -

ive read many people that have had luck with this but can be a pita to get 
apart + rebuilt successfully. being lazy i'd probably try to source a 
rebuilt one w/ a warranty and bolt it in.


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