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Drew MacPherson drew at
Fri Feb 27 17:13:10 EST 2004

On Fri, 27 Feb 2004, Dan Cordon wrote:

> Welcome to the world of Audi! Looks like you've already got experience 
> in the VAG family, so that can only help out.

I know my way around the A chassis cars, having owned and worked on 3 
generations of them (actually, right now it's 3 generations at once...)  
Hopefully my VW experiences won't lead me astray on the Audi.  I've poked 
and prodded under the hood a bit, and it all looks like it's written in 
the same language, so to speak, that I'm used to... :)

> Your TQ Avant should make a great family car. And with some basic 
> wrenching skills, you should be able to tackle most maintenance and 
> repair jobs that are bound to come up.

That is exactly what I was hoping to hear.  I have heard a few people say
that the 200 is a more reliable car than the 5000 was, mainly because of
the electrics.  All the bits and bobs seem to work on this one (although I
haven't tested the power roof/windows yet.)  I can handle the various
contortions and creativity that may be required - and the fact that the
car is CIS-E helps as well (dunno about this electronic boost control
though - I'm used to an injection pump add-on for extra fuel delivery with
my turbos... - except maybe the TDI...:) )

> Getting the Bentleys is great. I recall about a year ago someone posting 
> about an inexpensive replacement pump for the after run system. It 
> wasn't from Audi, but a place like McMaster Carr or something, and you 
> had to remove the factory plug and wire it direct to the pump. I don't 
> recall the price though.

This is promising - I'll try a search in the archives and see what turns 

> Another option would be Ebay. Seems like after run pumps come up every 
> few weeks and sell for around $35 USD.
> IIRC, the system comes on based on temperature sensors  on the engine. 
> My 87 5k comes on after regular summer driving once the car has been 
> shut off for about 45 seconds. Often doesn't come on in the winter. 
> However, my 91 200 almost never comes on unless it's really hot outside 
> and has been driven *slightly* spirited.

My guess is that it will likely be OK without one, as we live in the
country, and with my wife driving the car it's not likely to ever get shut
down really hot after a spirited drive.  As we're both from an
agricultural background, we're very familliar with the need for cool-off
before shutdown.

> On the hydraulic pump, the rebuild kits are pretty inexpensive, but I've 
> heard many people report that it was difficult to rebuild w/o leaking. I 
> haven't done this though, so I can't say much more on the topic. 
> Actually, I'm going to switch my 'play car' to the earlier vacuum 
> booster and regular power steering system. I got a good deal on parts 
> from a fellow lister, and got a rebuild rack for the early car. Many 
> will consider this a downgrade, but my brake system is needing most of 
> the parts replaced....and that's spendy. I'll add a large vacuum 
> accumulator, but getting rid of the Pentosin system on my play car seems 
> like a good idea.

Based on all the information I've gleaned to date I'm going to start by
ID'ing the source of the leak (I'm guessing case halves right now, but
only because the leak seems to be coming from the bottom of the pump - the
front seal looks dry) and then go from there.  For $50 I'd likely try a
rebuild - I do have a 20 ton press and I have done some hydraulic pump
work (farm equipment) before.

> Good luck with the car. It should serve you and the family well for 
> quite a while. And welcome to the list.

Thanks very much - I'm looking forward to the experience that both the car 
and the list have to offer.


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