[urq] Help needed: Door hinges pin replacement

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Fri Feb 27 17:33:21 EST 2004

> The pin actually finishes flush with the bottom of the hinge.
> It just so happens that a couple of weeks ago I cut a large hunk of door
> pillar from a scrap CGT. After I'd carefully removed the pieces I needed I
> was left with a piece that had the lower hinge attached. Because I had
> nothing better to do for a few minutes I put the hinge in my vice and
> punched out the pin.
> Not easy, it took some concentrated force, nothing like the light taps that
> I've used to remove Ford & Rover door pins. Doing this with the hinge still
> on the pillar would be difficult - I was about to suggest some sort of press
> would be easier but it would need to apply major pressure - the risk of tool
> failure wouold be high.

> The pin is inserted from the top and is knurlled at the top end so will only
> come out upwards.

Great info, Jim...

I'm sort of thinking out loud here, since this is a fairly common 
coupe/UrQ issue I think (saggy doors).

Knowing exactly how that pin is installed helps attack replacing it, 
which of course is the right way to fix the problem (my washer solution 
was because that pin looked permanently installed).

In terms of pounding the old one out, I would worry about straining the 
sheet metal the hinge is welded to.  I wonder if it could be "pressed" 
out, somehow?  Either a small hydraulic rig with "C" shaped jaws, or 
maybe even a carefully set up "C" clamp could generate enough pressure? 
  That way the mounting welds would not be affected.

I would love to see pictures of any various stages of this process being 
done - especially if it ends up working properly!

Huw Powell



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