Automatic for traffic driving

Mike Arman armanmik at
Fri Jan 2 07:51:53 EST 2004

>Who on this list knows what it's like to be in rush hour traffic in LA or
>the LIE or Manhattan. I've driven shift for over 30 years in all types of
>cars. It's just personal preference now in a transportation vehicle.

I've always preferred standard shift, but I do recall driving a 5000 5 
speed with a failing clutch slave cylinder through a rush hour traffic jam 
out of down town Orlando (the I-4 parking lot), and wondering if the clutch 
was going to disengage THIS time or not. Took probably an hour to go two 
miles, stop and go, stop and go, maybe a car length or two at a time, and 
every time I let much more than 1.00001 car lengths open up between me and 
the car in front of me, some jerk in a Furd Exploder would cut right in.

Well obviously, I fixed it, but for crowded city driving, slushbox is the 
way to go. (Gawd, did *I* say that?)

Best Regards,

Mike Arman

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