CIS-e problems[NG CIS-E3]

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Fri Jan 2 10:53:52 EST 2004

Comments inserted - I'm ordering injectors today.  I know that methodical
troubleshooting with fuel pressure test would be a good idea, but I feel I
should install new injectors anyway, as I think these are crucial to
reliability in the long run.  At least then I'll have ruled leaky injectors
out as the culprit.

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> > Just cranking the engine over is not enough flow to lift
> > the plate.
> Taken pretty much out of context, I have to disagree with that one
> statement.  Cranking the engine over causes air to be pumped into the
> engine, which lifts the plate.  Not a lot, of course, but enough to get
> things running.
> We also don't know *for sure* if the CISE3 CSV is getting the same,
> lower pressure as the other five injectors.
Correct - I've been making that assumption, but would be nice to verify.

> I will also take this opportunity to once again say that I think the CSV
> has *very little* to do with hard starting, especially if several tries
> don't start the car easily.
Agreed - I think in my case it is a combination.  I feel quite certain that
in my case, insufficient pressure in the injector lines is the problem.  The
question is WHY?

I am certain there are no external leaks.  The injectors are not new and
probably have at least 80k on them and are the original ones for this 87.5
GT engine.  Pump is new NG pump.  Accumlator I assume is original for the
'87 4000 Quattro the engine is installed into.  Entire CIS-E3 fuel
distributor/metering head was installed after extensive cleaning -  Fuel
Distributor was NOT disassembled, but plunger area cleaned thrououghly, and
airbox was swapped to accomodate metering head.  Temp sensor is new.

> Residual pressure (check valve), vapor lock (perhaps due to leaky
> injectors), bad senders, vacuum leaks, static misadjustment, are more
> likely culprits.  And the ignition system, of course.  IMHO, for what
> it's worth.

Ignition is good and the rest need to be checked out if injectors don't fix
the problem.   It will be another week before I get injectors.   Thanks for
your feedback - Happy New Year!

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