CIS-e problems[NG CIS-E3]

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Where are you buying from and what do they cost? has
them listed at 48.99 for cis-e and 57.32 for the e3. If you've got a better
supplier I'd love to know.

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> Comments inserted - I'm ordering injectors today.  I know that methodical
> troubleshooting with fuel pressure test would be a good idea, but I feel I
> should install new injectors anyway, as I think these are crucial to
> reliability in the long run.  At least then I'll have ruled leaky
> out as the culprit.
> Ben
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> >
> > > Just cranking the engine over is not enough flow to lift
> > > the plate.
> >
> > Taken pretty much out of context, I have to disagree with that one
> > statement.  Cranking the engine over causes air to be pumped into the
> > engine, which lifts the plate.  Not a lot, of course, but enough to get
> > things running.
> >
> > We also don't know *for sure* if the CISE3 CSV is getting the same,
> > lower pressure as the other five injectors.
> >
> Correct - I've been making that assumption, but would be nice to verify.
> > I will also take this opportunity to once again say that I think the CSV
> > has *very little* to do with hard starting, especially if several tries
> > don't start the car easily.
> >
> Agreed - I think in my case it is a combination.  I feel quite certain
> in my case, insufficient pressure in the injector lines is the problem.
> question is WHY?
> I am certain there are no external leaks.  The injectors are not new and
> probably have at least 80k on them and are the original ones for this 87.5
> GT engine.  Pump is new NG pump.  Accumlator I assume is original for the
> '87 4000 Quattro the engine is installed into.  Entire CIS-E3 fuel
> distributor/metering head was installed after extensive cleaning -  Fuel
> Distributor was NOT disassembled, but plunger area cleaned thrououghly,
> airbox was swapped to accomodate metering head.  Temp sensor is new.
> > Residual pressure (check valve), vapor lock (perhaps due to leaky
> > injectors), bad senders, vacuum leaks, static misadjustment, are more
> > likely culprits.  And the ignition system, of course.  IMHO, for what
> > it's worth.
> Ignition is good and the rest need to be checked out if injectors don't
> the problem.   It will be another week before I get injectors.   Thanks
> your feedback - Happy New Year!
> Ben
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