V8 in 90Q or 80Q

JShadzi at aol.com JShadzi at aol.com
Sat Jan 3 00:24:18 EST 2004

Sure Brett, its entirely possible, once you remove the airbox on one side, 
and the radiator on the other, you can fit all kinds of stuff into those fender 
wells.  Once you have the V8 mounted, turboing it is quite trivial IMO, a 
couple 16v turbo exh. manifolds, and a single 2.5" downpipe on each side.  With an 
RS2 bumper you could put a big IC up front, B4 V6 front end with radiator 
bolts right up.

Then you need a good fuel/ignition management system, that's easy to fit, you 
just have to do it.


In a message dated 1/2/2004 2:17:29 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
brett at cloud9.net writes:
At 3:34 PM -0500 1/2/04, Denis wrote:
>There any place on a 80 Q or 90 Q to put a 3.6 V8 ? ;-)
>Twin turbo V8 on 90Q hummmm must be terrific,,,,, or over powered

There's no way it would fit.  MTM barely managed to fit twin turbos 
on the V8 body(yes, it was done- Joe Fritz looked into it years ago. 
They also did/do a twin turbo for the A8).

Is this "what bizzaro-world combo can we think of" month? If so, I 
can outdo you.  3.6l V8 into that '84 5+5!


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