5+5 on Ebay

David duandcc_forums at cox.net
Sat Jan 3 19:49:15 EST 2004

They didn't. The 5+5 was a 1981 only car. It says "styled on 5+5". In all reality it os just a 2-door 4000s 1.8ltr FWD 5 speed. Still a pretty rare car...

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SE Virginia
From: "Jonathan Monetti" <jmone3036 at earthlink.net>
Date: 2004/01/02 Fri PM 05:08:26 EST
To: "Quattro at Audifans. Com" <quattro at audifans.com>
Subject: 5+5 on Ebay

If I recall, some of you guys out there are 5+5 fans.  Just saw this '84 on
ebay (didn't know they made them that late).


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