NG bolt on turbo upgrade?

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Sun Jan 4 12:28:01 EST 2004

--- David <duandcc_forums at> wrote:
> Hey all,
> I'm considering going to forced induction on my NG
> powered CGT. I know it's possible as others on the
> list have done it. But just how involved would it be
> to turbo an NG compared to something like a MC swap?
> Accoring to the research I've done, if I use a 20V
> head on my otherwise stock NG bottom, it should come
> out to a 8.6:1 CR, which seems just about right for
> turboing. I don't want to run massive amounts of
> boost, as the car is FWD. I've heard that a 20V head
> & turbo on an N series bottom end when tuned
> properly using an EFI package can be good for
> rediculous amounts of power, something like
> 450-500?! I am thinking I'd be more than happy with
> 180-225 hp in my little CGT. From my perspective, it
> sounds like it would be easier to turn my 10V NG
> into a 20V turbo NG hybrid, but I'd love to hear the
> opinions of those more knowlegable than I on this
> (which is just about everybody). Also, would it be
> possible to continue to use my knock sensing CIS-e
> III system? Or would that be f

You don't want to use that ignition, you'll waste more
money trying to monkey with it than you would buying
an EFI computer with ignition control.  Here's a
really good thread on the NG/20v head thing.

Honestly, it's probably a little overkill for a car
with fwd, and a goal of 225 hp.  It sounds like you're
trying to avoid pulling the engine.  Consilder a
decent 20v head is going to run you at least $500 for
a NA, and you have to come up with manifolds and
turbos.  A complete turbo head will run you at least
$1k.  You can get a complete MC or MC2 engine for $500
or less, and with EFI, 250 hp easy.  If you already
have cheep parts lined up, then hell yes, go for it. 
You can take that motor and put it in a quattro some
day and crank up the boost:)

Alan Kramer is probably the guy you really need to
talk to for a good read on performance.

Jim Green
'89 80q ... slow
'89 90tq

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