NAC - looking for Destop and Project Management Software

George Harris harchris at
Mon Jan 5 17:52:30 EST 2004

I'm using Star Office 5.1 under windows. I think it is the same price 
for Windows or Linux. Unless you are interested in learning an 
alternative OS and turfing MS, I would recommend just the Windows 
version. If you do want to dabble in the Unix like OS's then I do 
recommend Linux.

I am impressed with the capabilities of Star Office. It contains a 
spreadsheet, word processor, database, and the capability to read and 
write most of the competing formats. I didn't know it had a Project 
Management Component.


Kent McLean wrote:

> Ben Swann wrote:
>>I'm looking for a Windows XP Compatable Desktop 
> ?> Organizer/integration program 
> If you're the adventurous type, and you have a fairly new
> PC with a big (20GB+) hard drive, look into Linux. You
> can make the machine dual boot (run both Linux and XP).
> Linux will be able to read files on the XP side (but not
> vice versa, I don't believe). Linux is free to download:
> or or 
> or, or you can get it in 
> the back of a $40 Linux book, your choice, available at 
> most book stores.  It has a choice of Windows-like 
> interfaces if you are command-line challenged.
> You'll find the Office solution you are looking for with 
> Sun's Star Office for $80: .
> And there are other freeware/shareware solutions as well.
> See:
> HTH,
> Kent
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