87 - 5KCSQT - need connector repair for diff lock switch

Kurt W. Deschler desch at WPI.EDU
Mon Jan 5 22:07:26 EST 2004

I used plastic welder to repair my diff lock solenoid, which was cracked.
Plastic welder is a special 2-part epoxy for bonding plastics that is
available from several manufacturers (Devcon, Permatex, etc). You can find
it at both FLAPS and hardware stores. Usually hardens in 5-10 min and full
strength in 24 hrs. The stuff holds up so good, that I generally consider
it a permanent repair. If you are missing a nipple, just get a vacuum
coupler and plastic welder it onto the box. Ditto for missing pieces, just
plastic welder on pieces of flat plastic to span the holes.  A source of
durable flat plastic is the tape separators in the console. Good luck.


> All,
> The plastic on the box where the two hoses connect for locking the
> differentials has broken.  This pretty much stops the ability to lock the
> differentials at this point.  The pieces fell off somewhere on the road so I
> can't glue them back.  Does anyone have any suggested repairs or a
> replacement that they are willing to part with?
> TIA,
> --David Balbirona
> Renton, WA

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