Shazam! light on '87 5kcstq

Ti Kan ti at
Tue Jan 6 19:22:59 EST 2004

Chris Dyer writes:
> I'm guessing it's a one time glitch, but...The other day whilst 
> accelerating, the orange light of a pic of a drivetrain w/the San Diego 
> Chargers logo through it flashed oh so briefly. Only lit for may 1/3 sec; 
> barely long enough for me to notice it. It hasn't happened since.
> What is this light? Knock sensor? O2 sensor? Other?  My o2 is about 1 
> year/8k mi. old, so it should be fine, although much of the wiring in the 
> engine bay is a wee sketchy.

It's the "check engine light".  Basically the ECU has detected a
fault condition (could be transient, could be persistent) but it could
be a number of different things.  The only way you're going to find out
what it is, is to dump the codes stored in the ECU.

The procedure to dump codes is well documented on Scott Mockry's site:

Note, though, on your year of car the fault memory is not permanent
(i.e., the stored condition is gone if you turn off the ignition).
So, if your CEL doesn't come on again, you may never find out what
it is.  But you may want to try dumping the codes after a drive anyway,
just in case you may have missed the light.

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