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> On Tue, 6 Jan 2004, Jason Eisenmenger wrote:
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> How is this a dependability study?  It's J.D. Power & Associates' schedule
> of reported complaints (in total) of cars within the CSI guidelines but
> after the initial 14 days of ownership.  These complaints are everything
> the owner wants the maker to pay to repair or modify.


I think you mistook Jason's link (easy to do) with JD Power's initial
quality survey. From their own website:

What do IQS, APEAL, CSI, VDS stand for?

These are acronyms for J.D. Power and Associates automotive studies that
provide the data used on this site.
      .  Initial Quality Study (IQS) - measures vehicle initial quality
after the first 90 days of ownership. Often referred to as "things gone

      .  Automotive Performance, Execution And Layout Study (APEAL) -
measures the features that new-vehicle owners like and dislike about their
vehicles. Often referred to as "things gone right."

      .  Customer Service Index (CSI) - this study measures owner
satisfaction with the vehicle service experience after one year of

      .  Vehicle Dependability Study (VDS) - this study measures owner
satisfaction after three years of ownership.


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