CS 90 Quattro

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Well, there ya go.  I didn't realize it was so easy in the 90's.  It is
a true PITA in the 5000's.  

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> Hi Tim,
> Sounds like it to me.  Had two blower fans go in my 88 80q.  
> Fairly easy to replace.  After dropping the glove box, the 
> blower fan is fairly accessible with six screws holding it in 
> place.  You'll need the short phillips screwdriver to get at 
> some of the screws.  You should be able to remove the old fan 
> although it is a very tight squeeze taking it out.  Same with 
> putting in the new one, it can just be squeezed in by pusing 
> the dash outward - their is some flexibiltiy in the dash so 
> this is possible (about 1/2'' or so).  Careful not to crack 
> the fan blades when putting in the new one though.
> hth
> mohammed
> 97 A4 1.8tqa
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>  Hey, I got this problem with my Audi. The heater blower over 
> the last few weeks has slowly brought itself to a complete 
> stop and I practically live in the arctic. I found a used 
> blower fan for $55 and was thinking about putting it in 
> myself. But before I go buy the fan and start taking things 
> apart I was wondering if anyone thought it could be anything 
> other than the fan. Let me know, I'm a new Audi owner and a 
> college kid. So I need all the help I can get. Thanks.
>         Tim
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