6 speed transmission kit?

Richard Hoffman billzcat1 at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 7 16:50:52 EST 2004

Mounting the transmission to the motor is the least of your concerns with a
swap like this.  They bolt up just fine.  Depending on the specific 6-speed
you buy, the crank reference senders may be in the wrong spot.  More
problems arise depending on what chassis the swap goes into.  If you go into
something like a 4000q, you'd need RS2 transmission mounts as well a
machined spacer to mount it, custom driveshaft (6-speed is longer), custom
half-shafts (6-speed is wider with larger output flanges) and a custom
linkage since no OEM linkage fits those cars.  You can modify an Ur-S4
linkage for use on the 4kq.

If you are talking 80/90 then the same problems present themself, only you
can use more OEM parts.  RS2 front halfshafts, 4kq center driveshaft, RS2
linkage.  You still need the spacer and RS2 mounts.  The clutch line has to
be bent to shape to clear whatever linkage you use and its a tight fit (I
did this last night)

Its a lot of work!

90 CQ 221k 6-speed swap in progress
70 100LS 47k

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Subject: 6 speed transmission kit?

> Anyone ever heard of mounting a 6 speed transmission out of an S4 onto a
10V (turbo or not) 5cyl? I have seen kits for the VW cars to turn their cars
into a 6 speed, and although I have looked, haven't seen one for the 5
cylinder. I'm just brainstorming right now, but I have a theory that might
be cool if it's not TOO expensive.
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