Re; Good mechanics in Twin Cities

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Wed Jan 7 19:40:32 EST 2004

The premier shop is Anderson Motorsports in Chanhassen.
They know the cars, PERIOD.

Automotive Services
Paul Laszcwski
Century and 10th street in Oakdale
Ex-audi tech, dealer tools and training at discount compared
to dealer.  
Have heard he is highly recommended from A8 owner.

Leightons garage in the west Suburbs, High end shop, owned
by SCCA Trans Am driver

For general repair
East End imports on Franklin in Mpls, on 25th I think
Really cool owner Steve, kind of a Zen mechanics shop, NOT
Fancy though, and small! 

Eurotech in Roseville I believe, good mechanic for euro cars

Good Luck, 


From: boris813 at
Subject: Good mechanics in Twin Cities

Any listers have recommendations for good Audi mechanics in
the Twin Cities? Thanks
in advance.

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