[urq] Odometer gear

Louis-Alain RICHARD laraa at sympatico.ca
Thu Jan 8 00:22:17 EST 2004


Had the exact same problem in 08/2002. I just wrote an email to VDO-USA and
asked them for an approved repair shop. They forwarded me to a shop near
Toronto that sold me the replacement gear for 25 $CAN, postal shipping
included. Not cheap, but fair enough.

The part number I got was REP850 and the invoice number was IO22269, their
sales order number was S23343, if they don't remember me...

The Canadian shop is:
Forster Instruments
7141 Edwards boulevard
L5S 1Z2
Mississauga, Ontario. 

83 urQ with a fully functional speedo-odometer

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'83 Ur quattro Odometer pinion gear in Speedometer gear is split - common
failure for these VDOs and I've seen same on 4kq's, VW, etc.

Before I have one (or more) fabricated, is there a convenient, inexpensive
source for the pinion dirve gear which drives the Odometer.  This is of
course located in the speedometer.  It is the one driven by a worm gear.  

I could not use one from a 4kq or coupe as they were different.  I located
some gears in a hobbyshop, but not an exact fit - these are drive gears for
model trains.

The Ur Quattro gear is 1/2" in diameter, 16 teeth, 7/64's shaft diameter.

I may have some made up in brass if anyone is interested.  I can have them
done for $40.   Less per copy if I get a batch of 10 or more made up.

Speedo repair shop would have charged at least $80 - the cost of kit and
labor.  He informed me VDO would not distribute them directly to a customer
because they needed to be installed by certified Speedometer repair shop.
Poppycock!  What a racket!

Dealer would only sell me the entire speedometer and said pre-'85 were NLA.


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