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Thu Jan 8 08:14:49 EST 2004

Yes, I was aware of the 'partnering' that Ford and Mazda did, and that
Ford owned some portion of Mazda. I just thought it was interesting that
they list Mazda in their portfolio, along with companies that I know they
own 100%, like Volvo and Jaguar. Perhaps they have increased their
interest to greater than 50%.

Strangely enough, I feel more positive about Ford owning Jaguar and Volvo
than I do about GM owning SAAB. I test-drove the 9-3 prior to buying my A4
(Audi content!) and liked it, just not as much as the A4 (Audi content!).
The interior cannot compare to the A4 (you know...). But the engine was
indeed very nice, as were the seats.

I'm just having a hard time picturing a SAAB version of the TrailBlazer!

Dan D
'04 A4 1.8T q MT-6
Central NJ USA

--- Todd Young <auditodd at> wrote:
> Some serious NAC, but what the heck.....
> Ford and Mazda co-ventures:
> Explorer - Navajo
> Probe - MX6
> Escort - 323/Protege (look underneath the rear-end and be amazed at the 
> similarities)
> Ranger - B2300
> Courier - B2000
> Escape - Tribute (from what I understand, mostly Mazda design)
> Next-gen Focus - Mazda 3 - Volvo S40
> I'm a serious Mazda fan, but not a Ford fan. Mazda may be using some 
> Ford engines in their vehicles, but they don't sound like Ford engines. 
> All of my wife's Mazda products purr along, an old friend of hers had a 
> newer Ford Focus with an automatic and waiting at a light I thought the 
> damn car was going to shake itself to death. Acceleration seem to be 
> quite the effort accompanied by a LOT of engine noise (and not the 
> reassuring type of noise either).
> Frederick Smith wrote:
> > Think MX6 and Probe, a product of the venture a few years ago.
> > 
> > Smitty
> > 
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