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Speaking of redlines, anyone know how the blau 272 cam affects the "redline"
of an NG? I believe stock is around 6300, but all auto mfg's are pretty
conservative. Case in point, my first car ,an 89 escort gt (shudder) revved
to about 7k pretty freely and never developed a problem (redline was at
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IMO it is unecessary, even wasteful to use high octane in stock 4kq with
2.2l CIS-E.  That applies to the Quantum Synchro as well, which uses pretty
much identical engine.  Even with 264 cam and advanced timing(7 deg. over
stock), I have been using 89(overkill) in summer and 87 in winter.  Engine
revs.quickly to the redline(yes around 6800RPM) with this setup - get 4kq
relay to allow high rev. in Synchro.  Lower octane fuel doesn't hurt and I
believe it may actually help performance, especially in the winter.

BTW, I obtained similar power increase results with installation of NG/5kt
cam in another 4kq - not quite what the 264 does, but the NG cam did make
for better torque and rev. at least by my unscientific observations.

Now if your running high compression - such as NG/NF engine, or
turbocharged, then you want to run with the higher octane fuels.  For those
wanting to rev. higher, consider using Synthetic oil - I have been using
Syntec 5W50 year round with great results for many years and will not use
any other after trying several - just my experience and not wanting to start
synthoil thread.

As always, YMMV and happy Quattroing and Syncroing(used to be Dashering)
thru the snow!


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I have a question as to what US octane is preferred for our 4kq jt engines
(or in that case any 2.1, 2.2 stock 5 cyl NA motors).

 This is a issue floating around on the quantum syncro list and since I
drive both jt code cars I thought I would throw this question to this list
for comments and suggestions.

Any input is appreciated.

btw I use 91 for what it's worth]

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