Brett Dikeman brett at
Thu Jan 8 13:27:40 EST 2004

At 1:08 PM -0500 12/5/03, Coleman, David wrote:
>For anyone shopping for snows, the Dunlop Winter Sport M2/3s are 
>doing a great job in the muck that's falling in the Delaware Valley. 
>I've used Nokian, Graspics, and now these, and while it seems all 
>snows are great, these are more stable on cleared wet pavement at 

I'm quite pleased with my Nokian Hakka Q's.  They can be very 
squirrely(sp?) due to the spiral-siped tread, especially when brand 
new; it's a very odd feeling and takes getting used to.  In cold 
weather, they're much more stable than they are in warmer(40 degree+) 

They handle pretty much any snow conditions nicely, and when they 
break loose they tend to do so rather progressively, and 'find' 
traction again quickly.  I don't have any experience with other snow 
tires to compare them to, but compared to all-seasons, it's a night 
and day difference.

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