Wiring diagrams needed

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Thu Jan 8 18:39:53 EST 2004

> Hi guys, getting on with my efi project, I need to make a start on my loom,
> therefore I was wondering if anyone could email me a few wiring diagrams.
> Car is a European 1990 audi 90q with the NG engine, manual tranny. I need
> diagrams of the engine bay, fuse/relay box and ecu's, and also detail of any
> wiring that goes from the ecu's to any other components, ie dashboard.

Here is a schematic I worked up of the internals of the typical 
underhood fusebox:


The rest you need ought to be in the appropriate Bentley - surely you 
have that by now - unfortunately the "later" Bentley manuals spread the 
diagram for one car out over a *lot* of pages (as opposed to the 8-10 
pages for, say, an '85).  Every system seems to get its own three page 

As far as the engine bay diagram, you can sort of piece that together, 
as each "system" in the Bentley usually has a crude drawing or two 
showing the locations of components.  It tends not to show where the 
harnesses lay out, though.

Huw Powell



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