was Re: re. octane question

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Thu Jan 8 21:07:37 EST 2004

> I was thinking of the effect on the valve train and the ability of the 
> hydraulic lifters/valve springs to keep on the more aggresive cam 
> profile... according to the almighty Desktop Dyno most of the horsepower 
> will come up from should fall in between 6000 and 7500, and my peak 
> torque will be around 5k. Assuming that this is correct(and I take these 
> kind of programs with a grain of salt) most of my power will be out the 
> "useable range" except maybe on the track. OF course the same program 
> says i should be making about 203hp at the flywheel...(155 at the 
> wheels?) doesn't seem very likely. Of course that means I have to get 
> the fuel sytem functioning properly to find out. lol

Sounds pretty hallucinatory to me.  200 hp is turbo territory... not 
somewhere you're gonna get with "just" a cam, in the n/a 2.3...

> Besides that, is the over rev present in the standard cis e? It uses a 
> different fuel pump relay, as opposed to the funky one with a slot for a 
> fuse in it.

All the CIS FPRs I can think of incorporate a fuel shutoff rev limiter. 
  If they are working properly, at least.  They also shut off the fuel 
pump if the engine stops sparking, as another safety feature.

Huw Powell



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