Odd engine problem on a rainy day . . chug, chug, chug, chug

SJ syljay at optonline.net
Thu Jan 8 22:56:26 EST 2004

> Stabilant a year ago probably means very little now.
**** It lasts 10 years plus. No evaporation.

>I would recommend  the usual thing I preach - undo all the connectors under
the hood, clean
> them appropriately (stabilant or cleaning spray, emery cloth, etc.), and
> reassemble using silicon dielectric grease as a sealant.  This means
> getting the goo on the metal itself, it scrapes off the actual contact
> point but remains as a close seal, and also on whatever rubber gaskets
> or boots may be at the connector as an outer barrier.
**** Done did all that last year.

> This includes ground points, the all-important one being the intake
> manifold grounds for the ECU, and the battery, as well.
**** Took it all apart, sanded clean, Stabilant, put back together . . 2
months ago when I cleaned the throttle body.

> When I was younger, I always noticed that my Audis were less functional
> when it was wet out.  After invoking this regimen, problems like this
> ceased completely.
**** I'll go over everything again in the summer. I installed a new water
temp sensor today. My parts guy says that it is a common problem in many
makes of cars. He keeps these in stock for Audis and VW's. My symptoms
sounded familiar to him.
Tomorrow, I'll have a good look at the cap and rotor.


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