Clutch pedal vibration. [s-cars] S6 drive line issues

SuffolkD at SuffolkD at
Fri Jan 9 03:48:18 EST 2004

Mine vibrated, pedal stuck to the floor then all back to normal.
Then 50 miles later I pushed in the clutch at the end of the off ramp and 
couldn't get out of 5th.
I could force the lever into third and make the car roll up to speed to drive 
home but has been okay ever since.  Time for throw out bearing.

Mine "whirrrrrrred" previously when the peddle was depressed.
Time to crack the case..................
-Scott by BOSTON 200 20V

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> 1) Clutch pedal recently began vibrating ever so slightly when engaged(pedal
> > to the floor, about to accelerate in first). Clutch action also has gotten
> > much lighter. What does this signify?
> Igor says:

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