17x8", 30mm offset on a 4kq or Coupe GT?

Todd Phenneger tquattroguy at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 10 15:30:36 EST 2004

I rolled the fenders on my 4ktq.  Of course I'm running 17"
wheels with 225/45-17  RE-730 Tires.  Wheels appear to be
roughly a 48mm offset.  No rubbing in back (I have rolled
fenders) but I do get a touch of rubbing up front while turning.
 This is from the huge Diameter of the tires though.  I believe
my Ideal would be 225/45-16 for this car.  But alas, I had the
17's off my 5ktq so I put them on.

--- Huw Powell <audi at humanspeakers.com> wrote:
> > I saw a set of NOS ACT/Ronal mesh (4x108 15x7) for sale. 
> The sellers
> > (2bennett) told me I would have to roll the rear fenders, or
> these would rub
> > (CGT).
> You're missing one important spec here - the offset.  The
> "stock" cgt 
> tires have room to bounce up inside the fender.  If you put
> some wider 
> ones on, especially if the offset is less, now the tires will
> stick out 
> more and possibly rub the fender.
> Although, with my coupe using lowering springs, I have only
> got the rub 
> effect with two adults in the back, when hitting bumps (of any
> sort). 
> That was with 15 x 6.5 ET 35 wheels with 215/45 or 205/50
> tires.
> Otherwise, no rubbing at all.
> I've also never heard of people on here having to roll cgt
> fenders - 
> it's always type 44's they are doing that to.
> > I know they are pretty much an authority on many things
> Audi, but it seemed
> > to me if that if I went -1 on the tire, I'd be in pretty
> good shape under
> > there...anyone BTDT?
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