1987.5 CGT: Loss of power

Robert Mangas porter_t_dog at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 10 17:55:36 EST 2004

  After an episode of poor running quickly touch the alternator pully 
(err... shut car off first ;) ).
If it's hot, you've got a slipping belt and need to tighten stuff up.  Had 
an '85 GTi that was prone to that; corner garage mech sorted me out in about 
5 minutes and refused payment since it was so simple.


>From: David <duandcc_forums at cox.net>
>To: quattro at audifans.com
>Subject: 1987.5 CGT: Loss of power
>Date: Sat, 10 Jan 2004 9:49:40 -0500
>Yesterday, I heard a belt screach and ever sicne, I've had major power 
>problems. She won't rev out past 4,500 RPM. She seems to have great low end 
>power (possibly more than before), but SUCKS above 3,800 and won't rev past 
>4,500. But here's the interesting part...it doesn't act like this all the 
>time. Some times it's fine and revs nicely all the way to the redline. It's 
>almost like if you rev her out all the way onece, something happens and it 
>won't rev out until you turn it off and restart (I have not 100% confirmed 
>this theory). No ECL, but when I am experienceing the problem she sounds 
>funny. The engine gets MUCH louder and has a much deeper tone and you can 
>hear the intake much more (or at least that's what I think I'm hearing). 
>Any thoughts? Was the belt screech a conincidence? Could that belt screach 
>have been the timing belt? Like now the timing is FAR too retarded? Any 
>easy things to check before taking her to the shop? I did notice that the 
>hall sensor feet are broke
>  n and it had pulled out a little, I slipped it it back in and will use a 
>zip tie to hold it in place. Could a loose hall sensor cause this? Up until 
>this, she has been very reliable.
>1987.5 CGT SE Virginia
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