'88 90 sedan stupid ?

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Sun Jan 11 02:34:11 EST 2004

> Newbie here, and in addition a long distance father with a daughter
> who just bought a '88 90 5 cyl 5 speed sedan.

Cool, and she picked a nice one...

> Now that she has the car back home, she's having trouble getting the
> hood open.  She found the interior hood release, but when I was
> talking to her on the phone, she thought she felt something in the
> center, a bit to the right (as she was facing the car) but couldn't
> get it to open.

With the inner lever "released," and the hood partly popped up, she
should slide her hand under the front lip form just left of center until
she hits a metal hooking device.  Pushing that to her right, while not
pulling up hard on the lid, will unhook it.  Then she can lift the hood.

And in other news.... all salient info snipped...

> as I'd hate for someone else to be victimized.

Forgive me, and I feel for your daughters bad day, but she was not
victimized, she was lucky.  She lost her pocketbook and got it back.
Not that that lets the schmuck who messed with its contents off the
hook... he or she is still a nasty piece of work...

Anyway, a hearty welcome to you and to her joining "the Audi 
experience!"  Is her 90 a quattro or front wheel drive?  You might want 
to suggest she join the list while she gets to know her new car.

Oh, yes, what color is it?

Huw Powell



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