' 86 5000 csq avant oil pressure relief valve

tom winter tom at freeskier.com
Sun Jan 11 12:48:55 EST 2004

The exit was right there, so the temp didn't get too high (middle of the
gauge and not into the red) after the radiator blew. The leak is new, wasn't
there before, and it's more than a leak. Stuff POURING out of the car. I was
thinking if it was a gasket or loose screw it wouldn't be as bad. It's like
someone opened a tap.

Still, the head might have warped. I was thinking Oil Pressure Release valve
because if it was stuck open, then that would explain the volume of the
leak. But I guess if it was on oil coolant line to the turbo and one of
those was really loose, then the volume could be substantial.

Wish I could run the car to re-examine source of leak, like Fred suggested,
but I've pulled it apart. My initial reaction was that a blown head gasket
due to incorrect installation caused the radiator to blow, but I was wrong
on that point.

So, maybe machine the head just to make sure and remove and clean the oil
pressure valve and replace all gaskets and hope for the best?

5000 csqa and a case of the blues

on 1/11/04 9:02 AM, Eric Sanborn at eric_audi.ql at mindspring.com wrote:

> Kent McLean wrote:
>> "Go crazy" like too high? I'm not sure what the "Oil
>> pressure release valve" is, unless it's in the oil filter.
>> Here's the idiot part -- maybe the engine overheated,
>> causing an oil temperature sender or oil pressure
>> sender to loosen, causing the leak.
> Like you said Ken they can overheat really fast.  I hit a deer once with
> our CRX near our house.  The guage started to climb within less than a
> minute so I shut it down and coasted, luckily downhill, the rest of the
> way to the house...no harm done (other than the hood).
> There is a pressure control device on the oil pump.  It is easily
> accessible from under the car, but it would be strange that it would
> have a problem.  On cars with oil temp guages it is behinde the sender
> on the oil pump on cars without it is behind a large (maybe 19mm) bolt.
> I can't think of it causing problems unless it was clogged up with
> chunks of stuff, then that would be the least of your problems.  Maybe
> others have had other experience.  The valve is really simple.  It is
> just a spring loaded control valve.  You could take it out and clean it
> just to be sure.
> Are you sure the leak is recent?  Or are you more sensitive to things
> being amiss now?  Is it actually using oil at a noticable rate?

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