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Brady Moffatt bradym at sympatico.ca
Sun Jan 11 16:19:14 EST 2004

Oops, sorry, I meant what was the difference between WR and GV. I own a
granny pusher WX so it was kind of an autopilot W_ brain fart!

So the GV is an emission-friendly WR? And the WX is just slow...

Maybe someone actually knows the subtle differences. My curiosity needs to
be satisfied!!


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Brady Moffatt wrote:

> But what differentiates it from a WX? Catalytic converter?

GV is very close to WR, whereas WX being a low-emission granny-pusher is
a whole another story.

Apparently the differences between GV and WR are very subtle, but also
very unknown to myself. I belive Switzerland has also been quite strict
about emissions compared to the general level in Europe in the eighties
- but then again, wouldn't they have sold the WX in there? To confuse
more, that's exactly what they did. And where does Sweden fit in the

Antti Piirainen
87 Cq

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