I am fed up!

Greg Galinsky nokian at aaahawk.com
Mon Jan 12 13:27:15 EST 2004

Andrew Duane wrote:
> Hairy Green Toads from Mars made Livolsi, Stephane write:
>>I feel for you, man, but the one thing that really stands out in my mind
>>is that a car with only 46,000 miles is out of warranty?!?  What is the
>>warranty on these things?
> 3 years, 50K miles. My timing belt and head went at 2.5 years, but
> with 52K miles. So......................
There seems to be a very narrow line between simplicity with reliability 
and complexities and failures that seem outlandish.   It seems when you 
get mechanical devices on the leading or cutting edge; one should kind 
of expect some % of risk and disaster.   But timing belts aren't cutting 
edge.  And after 10+ years of ABS units; one would think that there is a 
bit of reliability built in.    I just made that fatal step; belieiving 
that reliability comes with experience and engineering.

Good luck guys

Sticking with my old type 89's

Greg Galinsky
G & G Service

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