vag-com questions

walian at walian at
Mon Jan 12 16:58:47 EST 2004

Hello all, 

 I just did a oil change on my 97A6Q and ran vag-com on it. I got the 
following errors and was wondering if anybody could answer my questions 

I get the following read outs:

00526 Break light switch \
      27-00 Implausable Signal
Now I replaced the pad some time back and didn't bleed them properly the 
first time. Could this be an old code, or is this something that I need to 
replace if so where is the light switch? On the master cylinder?

01274 Air flow flap motor (V71)
      41-10 Dlocked or no voltage Intermittant
The AC/Heat seems fine. Where is the Air flap motor and how do I check it. I 
do hear a flap open and close under the hood by the firewall.

01370 Alarm Via Int Scan (CV pump alarm,  RC)
      35-00 (this is in the central lock section)
Again the locks seem to work, does this indicate a leak? Does audi still use 
vacuum system for the locks?

I believe I have reset the error codes and will check back after I drive the 



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